Toilet finder applications are 

What a world of technology. You are in an unfamiliar place and you want to visit the toilet. Your answer is in the palm of your hands – your smartphone. Smartphones not only handle calling and text messaging function but also have many other features ideal for our daily lives. Camera, sound recorder, video recorder, radios, TV, and music are among some basic features inbuilt on the phone. One major feature that supports other additional function includes storage and the type of operating system –Android, iTune, and iPhone technology. These allow you to install various applications relevant in your daily life. In specific, toilet finder application uses the GPS technology to locate nearest toilet facilities from your exact location. It is also works exactly the same with GPS application or Google map application that woul show you basic facilities. A perfect example is looking for a sauna place, it might not let you know if saunas from JNH Lifestyles and Heatwave BUT most importantly, it would lead you to the place where to find sauna. This example given, is just an analogy, it wouldn’t give you the equipment used in the toilet( but will give you the place and how to get there. Let us look at toilet finder applications powered by Android technology

Toilet Finder

The Toilet Finder search function gives you a list of over 150,000 toilet services within your locality. Once the lists pop up and you need more information, you just click on the toilet name and it displays all other additional information like charges, disability friendliness, and time of operation. Previous users have given it a five-star rating in terms of efficiency. The free version application is user-friendly with a beautiful and straightforward interface.

Flush-public toilet finder

This application has a comprehensive database of private and public toilets available from your location. In addition, it gives all the routes (shortest and longest) to the place with minimal advert interference associated with most applications. The animation on the interface gives it an aesthetic value for comfortable usability status. The application is fast and user-friendly with all relevant details provided on the interface.

Public toilet

This application has numerous positive reviews because of its simplicity while navigating through the application. It is also small in size hence occupies a small disk space and further does not interfere with the normal functioning of the phone mostly speeds. While giving direction, it uses physical features, addresses and landmarks to direct you to the nearest toilet.

Toy L3T

This is rather a different type of application, which shows you all manner of toilet etiquette. It is an ideal application together with the toilet finder applications to show you how to use various types of toilets. Why use this app? Have you entered a toilet and wonder, how does this type of toilet operate? Yes, this is where this application comes in handy.

The digital technology in collaboration with GPS technology allows software developers to design a tool, which acts as a database for all toilets in the world and their location. The programming features help to synchronize the data to a specific location so that when you get search results, they are narrowed to specific toilets within the location. The comprehensive details make you make a valuable visit since all information you need is on the application so that you are sure of what to expect without disappointments. Use online reviews to get the most efficient application to suit all your needs. An application that occupies a small storage space is a better option because of efficiency and increased the speed of operation on the interface and the phone.